Matoph Labs.

Matoph Labs is an Austria/Vienna-based digital services company specialized on app development, founded in 2018 by Christoph Matzka.

Our mission:

To provide digital solutions that make a difference.

We specialize in building complex high-quality mobile applications for iOS and Android and support every stage of digital product development. We are working with a customer-centric approach making it possible to link every single step in the development of our digital product to the needs of our users.

We love to create apps for iOS & Android.
And we work to make a difference!

Showcase: Moodistory


Matoph Labs

Do you know what makes you happy? Do you know what causes you stress? Have you ever felt that your world is in chaos? – Writing down your thoughts & feelings every day can help you deal in such situations. It brings order into your world of feelings. The app Moodistory is here to make it as convenient as possible to capture your mood, thoughts and feelings. It helps you understand your mood, triggers and patterns. It lets you cultivate positive thoughts and become aware of your feelings.

Moodistory uses a colour-centric design approach, giving the app a unique look and feel. With every new diary entry, the app gets more and more colourful resulting in a unique design pattern that reflects the user’s overall mood.

Moodistory was featured on the App Store (e.g. as App of the day in UK), on (UK), on Techradar (also here), on Tapsmart, in the Mac Life magazine (in DE, UK & AU), in the Mac & i magazine (DE), in the iCreate magazine (NL), in the Ursache\Wirkung magazine (DE), Business Next (TW), and many more.

Find more information at:

Moodistory Rating
Moodistory Calendar
Moodistory Mood Charts

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